I have a computer problem, If your PC has programs crash error after you upgrade to Windows 10, the sound driver most probably is removed, corrupted, or incompatible with Windows 10, may be you don't know what to do.


Under normal conditions, you are going to experience:

Some problems that you may face in your computer due to Windows update error remove installed programs windows 10 are slow performance of the computer, unable to update the Windows, automatic shutdown, system sticking, screen freezing, incurring of the blue screen of death error, unable to install or uninstall any files or apps, opening of many software without your permission, etc.

About the symptoms

The error message is displayed in the following format:

  • programs can't be uninstalled
  • programs can't be upgraded
  • programs can't run in normal
  • programs error message pops up
  • program hangs forever
  • take 6 minutes for program respond
Cause of remove installed programs windows 10:

The error remove installed programs windows 10 largely occurs because of the following reasons:

  • bad design
  • object contention
  • old version computer
  • recently installed programs updates or drivers
  • under-allocated ram regions
Manual Method

Step 1: Save the System

The first thing you'll need is an antivirus program. Scan your system to find any viruses that have crept in and then remove them. You could even try using multiple antivirus, for best results.

Step 2: Check Hard Drive Issues

  • Boot your system in Safe Mode
  • Open your computer directory and then right-click on Drive and select Properties
  • Go to the Tool tab under properties and click Check Box under Error-Checking
  • Next click both Check Boxes: Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
  • Finally, hit the Start button

Step 3: Fix Malfunctioning Programs

  • When booting your PC, press F8 to Open Advance Boot Manager
  • Select Safe Mode as Boot Option
  • Turn to the Control Panel and click Uninstall Programs
  • Remove the latest installed application, the latest before the error occured (or whatever software you suspect is causing the error)

Step 4: System Restore

  • Go to Advanced Recovery Options while booting from the Windows Installation Disc
  • Select System Restore
  • A list of Restore Points will appear. Select the point from which you want to continue, ensure it is from before the issue occured

Step 5: Re-Install Windows

Finally, if nothing works, there's always the selection of re-installing your operating system altogether. No doubt this will permanently delete all data and settings and will most likely fix the Windows problems

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