while working with an operating system, it is not uncommon to encounter errors. i have a new hp computer and the windows desktops will not work. Generally speaking, when the windows desktops don't work, it is due to malware or virus interfering. Keep reading and you will work things out.


Some issues that you will see in your computer:

This error may cause thatsystem crash and run slowly, program not run, game not run.

Symptoms of the error

When you try to activate a Windows installation (client or server), you get one or more error messages like the following:

  • all taskbar desktop icons missing
  • desktop blue screen
  • desktop is blank
  • desktop shortcut is gone
  • nothing on desktop
  • toolbar missing on desktop
How did you get how to restore a desktop to factory settings?

There may be numerous causes of this error including that:

    Unable to update current windows to windows 10. PC drivers is corrupted or damaged. Unable to install a new appliciation Too much bad browser cookies or registries files. Hard disk has not sufficient space.
Manual Resolution

1.First, click startup and type msconfig.exe in the searchbox, then double click on msconfig.exe.

2.Then you can see this window, click Satrtup, select the program which you want to change it's setting and press the button Disable all.At last click OK.

Another Method to Fix this Problem: how to restore a desktop to factory settings

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